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9. Private Museum

Client: Undisclosed
Location: The Netherlands
Program: Museum, restaurant, shop
Area: 6.500m² / 70.000 sf
Status: feasibility study
Team: Florian Idenburg, Jing Liu, Ilias Papageorgiou (lead), Iannis Kandyliaris, Chris Cornicelli, Ted Baab

The proposal for this art pavilion reflects—in spirit and in shape—the characteristics of both the art it houses and the environment in which it is situated. The extensive collection predominantly consists of abstract, geometric and aesthetic works. The pavilion is located on the border between two distinct Dutch landscapes: the forested, natural dunes and the geometric, open meadows. The combination of sphere and circle seeks to capture these elements in a single form. The resulting volume is dynamic; the beholder is always tempted to look further to see how the form develops in an interplay between roofline and curve. The fully glazed façade gives the building an open and accessible character. Besides offering transparency, the clear glass reflects the natural environment as it curves. The various roof heights break the volume down into smaller parts.

The interior is open and comprehensible. The entrance hall houses public facilities such as an information desk, cafe, shop and auditorium. The galleries are organized into three clusters: changing exhibitions, permanent collections and permanent installations. During one’s tour of the museum, the transparent façade gently guides the visitor through the different clusters and offers views to the surrounding landscape. The center of the building contains a courtyard. This allows daylight deep into the museum. It also functions as an exterior gallery and an orientation point. The proportions of different galleries—both in height and plan—give the visitor a dynamic experience and provide the curators with an array of possibilities. All rooms have natural daylight. This not only dramatically reduces the energy load of the museum but also contributes to a sense of lightness and strengthens the relationship with the environment.