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14. Future Archeology

Client: LA Forum for Architecture
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Program: SO — IL exhibition
Area: 50m² / 550 sf
Status: Completed in 2009

“Future Archaeology” is the title of an exhibition of SO — IL ’s work at the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The show features the studio’s recent projects displayed in various ways, in collaboration with a number of artists, including Iwan Baan, Corinne van der Borch, Sean Capote and Paula Hayes. The exhibition positions these projects in the larger context of their times.

Society’s systematic relocation to the virtual realm has greatly affected a traditional sense of social space. While architecture shaped the social realm in a pre-network culture, it now carries the risk of become a frictionless, temporary carrier of the virtual. This shift delaminates “value” from the physical world, allowing it to flow and mutate freely, leaving behind millions of acres of boarded up homes, dead malls, rejected icons, shrinking towns and piles of expired “value-carriers.” In these fraught conditions, we search for an architecture that can re-invigorate our sensibilities and offer constructive resistance that appropriates latent frictions rather than merely representing a new modernity in slick forms.

The exhibition is an exploration of an architecture with intrinsic value; one which moves away from the flat qualities of the virtual—the graphic, the explicit, the sterile, the mechanic—toward the full characters of the tactile, the spatial, the sensorial and multi-valent. Through models, projections and collaborations with various artist and photographers, the exhibition tries to convey an overall mood rather than a set of facts.

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Generous support for the show comes from the Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur and the Consulate General of the Netherlands.