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19. Zenith Nadir

Client: Guggenheim Museum
Location: New York
Note: Letterpress print in series of 9

As part of Contemplating the Void, a show celebrating the 50th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s New York Guggenheim, SO – IL was asked to propose ideas for an intervention in the rotunda of the building.

Rather than an addition, SO – IL tries to reveal the theosophical ideas Wright had when considering his design. Seeing the rotunda as a space between heaven and earth, this print shows a view from the rotunda looking straight up towards one’s zenith, and straight down towards one’s nadir. The structure is erased to show people and art floating between these two poles. From a distance the print reads as two neighboring galaxies or as a stereographic projection of the poles.

Letterpress print in series of 9 (36″ x 16″)

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