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3. Smoke and Mirrors

Client: Architectural League New York
Location: Manhattan, New York
Program: Party environment
Area: 3500 m² / 37,500 sf
Status: Completed 2007
Note: Collaboration with 2x4

An event that triggers both feelings of love and condemnation among the cities beaux ties, the yearly Beaux Arts Ball of the Architectural League in New York is the place for young aspiring architects to make a scene, in any sense of the word.

Oblivious as we were to the inner workings of this ensemble, we produced non-architectural space. Through sensorial distortions a supernatural environment was created. The notoriously sour New York architecture scene found temporary solace in this wondrous atmosphere of dynamic projections and reflections set within a dense haze. One room was filled with a dense fog, reducing visibility at this networking party to the bare minimum. Poisonous yellow light created a fake ceiling through which one could descend into the haze.

A second space, a place for people to lounge, was made up out of walls clad with reflective construction foil. Walls and openings were placed such that you could do little else then bump into one another and plunge down on one of the silver bean bags. All infused by pink fluorescent tubes, booze and a fake moon outside…smoke and mirrors…