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7. Sunnyside Up!

Client: Garden City Roofs
Location: Queens, New York
Program: Green Roofs Sale and Education Center
Area: 1.950m² / 21.000 sf
Status: Concept design

Roofs are underutilized in New York City. Garden City Roofs, a start-up company catering to a growing need for technical expertise and access to green roof systems, is converting the roof of a large industrial building into a showroom and education center for green roof systems. With this project we evaluate access, devise an allotment strategy for various roof systems and design a sales/learning center on top of the roof.

The factory building, once home to the production of typewriter ribbons and currently housing a gym and billiard hall, is located along the train tracks in Sunnyside Gardens, Queens, under a La Guardia airstrip.

This project attempts to create a new atmosphere and identity through the deployment of the natural in a rigorous geometric form. The objective is to maximize visibility to commuters by train and plane, while providing equal allotments for the various roof systems.  Considering the dome as “futuristic” vernacular, we propose a low-res version to house the sales office. Its skin doubles as a showcase of materials that are either completely biodegradable or recyclable. The climate is regulated with natural elements: rain water, sunshine and vegetation.