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1. Tokyo Park

Location: Tokyo
Date: 10/01/98
Note: This project was the result of the SANAA masterclass at the Berlage Institute, the Netherlands

Tokyo commuter park, a park of movement.

In a city as chaotic as Tokyo, where one is always in transit, where movement is a constant, it is impossible to imagine a traditional park.

With – on average – a three hour daily commute, a Tokyo resident spends a substantial amount of time on the move. This time is lost, although efficient as they are, it is used for sleeping, eating, relaxing, reading and listening to music. This time is spend together, physically, but mentally one is alone.

It is during this time that we want people to enjoy the park. We’ll beat the Walkman*

The park will come to you by surprise and take you away from the city, from the overkill of information, the visual input, the noise, the smell, and so on. It will create a break, making you realize for a moment where you are; just long enough to make you wonder. You glance at your fellow travelers and smile. They shared the same feeling…

It will happen to you on your way home, your way to the cinema or to your girlfriend. While moving by car, train, subway or foot, you unexpectedly enter this zone. You first notice something is missing and then you feel relieved, decompressed. The world is clear again. Free of unnecessary input. The only things left are the basics.

* this was a machine that played music and predated the iPod