Wynwood Gateway Park, Wynwood Miami, 2014

The Wynwood Gateway Park is situated in the heart of the burgeoning Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida. Wynwood is a place that has been made famous in recent years by its incredible and omnipresent street art murals, art galleries, boutique independent retailers, celebrity sightings, and Art Basel.

The idea for the space is to bring the community together, as well as attract visitors and tourists. The park aims to cater to many different types of people. In the day time, families can meet here for gatherings, picnics, or simply find a quiet place to do yoga or read. In the evening it is able to cater to concerts, weddings, parties, and receptions.

Through the use of semi-transparent, intersecting, and stacking walls we are able to diversify and activate an urban gathering space. Working synergistically with the fabric barriers, varying textures of softscape generate a plethora of sensorial experiences that propose a new relationship between the natural and artificial.

In an open design competition, this project was awarded third prize.

Metro 1

Wynwood Miami

Community Park

1.300 m² / 14,000 sf

competition, 3rd place

Florian Idenburg, Jing Liu, Ilias Papageorgiou, Andre Herrero, Abigail Chang, Supasai Vongkulbhisal

Image credits
Video: Brooklyn Digital Foundry

Wynwood Gateway Park, plan
Wynwood Gateway Park, axonometric diagram
Wynwood Gateway Park
Wynwood Gateway Park
Wynwood Gateway Park
Wynwood Gateway Park, model
Wynwood Gateway Park, render