New Inc, New York, USA, 2014

New Museum commissioned SOIL to provide workplace consult and design services for New Inc., the first museum-led incubator. New Inc. is a shared workspace and professional development program designed to support creative practitioners working in the areas of art, technology, and design.

Launched in summer 2014, New Inc. provides a collaborative space for a highly selective, interdisciplinary community of one hundred members to investigate new ideas and develop a sustainable practice. With 11,000 square feet of dedicated workspace, labs, social areas, and event space, New Inc. offers an ideal environment for seeding and testing creative enterprises.

By offering a variety of work settings (different in style, tone, and atmosphere) and strategically locating communal programs such as the kitchen, lockers, and lounge, SOIL maximized the space and set the stage for chance encounters, interaction, and cross pollination in line with New Inc.’s mission. A high level of transparency pulls daylight deep into the building, offering comfort and creating an awareness of place to support productivity and worker well-being.

New Museum

New York, USA

Co-working space, project rooms, conference rooms, quiet booths

750 m² / 8,000 sf

Completed, 2014

Florian Idenburg, Jing Liu, Ilias Papageorgiou, Andre Herrero

Executive architect: Gensler

New Inc, interior
New Inc, interior
New Inc, interior
New Inc, interior
New Inc, interior
New Inc, conference room
New Inc, kitchen
New Inc, interior detail
New Inc, plan